Why I Finally Started to Write Again

As this is my first post, it seems only fitting that it should be about why, and how, this whole (writing/blogging/rambling aimlessly in print) thing got started.  If you’ve read my About and Biography pages, you know I’ve already touched on the story in both, but now that we’re here, at the beginning of what will be an ongoing string of commentary and vignettes centered primarily around my writing, I feel I should explore the subject in a little more detail.  I don’t think the account will turn out to be too redundant to what I’ve previously shared, and if it does… ah well, not to worry – subsequent posts will bump this one back down the page soon enough.

A classic of children’s literature – also an inspiration to unpublished authors everywhere.

First of all, I should mention that this isn’t really the beginning at all.  Like many authors, first picked up the proverbial pen sometime in my youth – although in my case I honestly could not tell you when exactly that was.  I’ve certainly been reading for as long as I can remember, and in fact, far longer than that.  According to my parents, when I was as young as three years old, I would continue story time well after they had left the room by reading aloud to myself (“I pull the likes of you?  Indeed not!“), and it was not long before I was the sort of little boy that could be left for hours upon hours by myself in my room with a book (or, to be fair, Legos).  Looking back, I now realize that this time spent retelling other people’s tales (and developing backstories for my Lego creations) must have been the first precursor of what would eventually become my ever more intense interest in spinning my own yarns.  At first these were always in the context of schoolwork, as creative writing essays quickly became my favorite assignments, but at some point in junior high or high school, writing evolved into something I wanted to do for myself, and that I dreamed of doing professionally.  So, I began to dabble in my free time, working on snippets of short stories, as well as some poetry – and, if I recall correctly, some of that early work showed a fair glimmer of promise, especially given how young I was when I produced it.

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