My Last Commentary on Politics (Well… at Least Until the General Election)

So here’s the thing: for all the raging and sneering I see on both sides of the Democratic Party right now, I actually believe that we on the left have a GREAT opportunity ahead of us in the coming election.

So long as we don’t let our internal differences screw it all up.

The country has had it with the status quo, and for the most part, the underlying causes are rooted in elements that Republicans (at least as the party self-identifies today) would want to continue to prop up and Democrats would want to change. Bernie’s candidacy has energized a base that was disaffected (and in some cases didn’t yet know it even was part of a base), and has reminded us of the core principles of what it means to be liberal. Meanwhile, Trump’s candidacy has brought home to roost the anger, fear, and bigotry that the leadership on the right has cynically played upon for decades to advance an agenda that works against the best interests of its base. Things are moving on both sides. And if you dig under the piles of vile hate-mongering that the right is using to obfuscate matters on its side, you’ll see that the great tectonic plates of the electorate in BOTH parties want, in my opinion, to shift towards the progressive (though many don’t yet recognize it as such, obviously).

Wasn’t she amazing? I now have another reason to hope that I can someday gain some small acclaim as a writer. Perhaps, if I’m lucky, I will one day meet Michelle at Princeton Reunions, and after I’m done babbling about what a fan I am, she’ll look at me and say, “oh, yeah, I know who you are.  I read your book.  It was pretty good.” Hey, a fella can dream.

And while honestly, neither Bernie (I’m a supporter, but he is not nearly left enough on guns for me, and frankly, I think he’s overly, knee-jerk left on the seriously nuanced issues of trade agreements and the position of the U.S. in the world at large) nor Clinton (too hawkish, too pro-business, and has made disturbing choices in her past that call into question her judgment and/or seem to show a willingness to go with short term political expediency over commitment to liberal ideals) is perfect, they are both FAR better than anything we’ve EVER seen on the right – much less the current choice, who very well may be the worst of all time.

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Another Comment on the 2016 Presidential Election

After some time away (hard at work on revisions, as well as a NEW project!), in light of the news this morning, I’m back with another post on the state of the 2016 elections, to remind those of you who empathize with my political leanings:

It is possible to be BOTH idealistic AND practical at the same time.

Hillary Clinton is by no means perfect (nor for that matter is Bernie Sanders – to wit, his stance on guns), but she is far, FAR better than Donald Trump. And though I continue to have misgivings about her as a person, the platform that her advisors and Bernie’s have hammered out together is the best of any candidate for President we have seen so far in my lifetime. I believe it continues the important progress begun under President Obama and sets the stage for further movement towards true progressivism in the future.

Thus, as of Bernie’s announcement this morning, I am giving Hillary my full support.

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