Further Thoughts on the Election with the Benefit of Six Months’ Hindsight

This is, in my opinion, a good, patriotic woman, who was an eminently qualified candidate that would have made an excellent President.

So, back in November, when we (the coalition of liberals and non-liberals horrified by Trump) were all reeling in the wake of the election, I wrote a blog post on how the Democratic party had failed the country.  In case you don’t want to return to read it in its entirety (and honestly, who could blame you?) it essentially boiled down to the twin conclusions that:  1) the Dems failed to offer a clearly articulated plan that addressed the needs of a disheartened populace, and 2) the traditional party machinery had produced a candidate/campaign hamstrung by both outdated mechanics and thinking.

Since then, we’ve learned a lot more.  To begin with, when the late votes were tallied, we discovered that the actual margins were:

2008: Obama: 69.5MM votes | McCain: 59.5MM votes
2012: Obama: 65.9MM votes | Romney: 60.9MM votes
2016: Clinton: 65.9MM votes | Trump: 63.0MM votes

Looks like my overall point re: turnout was wrong.  Trump had many more than I thought, and Clinton matched Obama in ’12.  Wow.

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