Why, after years of maintaining a relatively low-profile presence online, have I, anonymous, unremarkable Jamie Graham, suddenly decided to start broadcasting my internal meanderings here where they risk cluttering up the screen of your laptop or tablet or phone or amazing-future-device-I-don’t-yet-know-about-and-therefore-can’t-list-by-name?  Why am I taking up valuable space on the internet that might otherwise be devoted to gifs of kittens frolicking, snarky memes about the latest celebrity gossip, or insidiously slanted articles portending the inevitable doom of civilization if the evil Other Side manages to win the next election?  (That line was a lot funnier before November 2016, I promise.)  Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, am I bothering you with this blog?

My, my, they certainly do pile up, don’t they?

Er… the fact is that… I… uh… have written a novel.  Actually two.  And, um, I’m working on a third.  (As of the time of this update.)

I know, I know – there are already tons of the darn things out there.  Your bedside table is stacked high with a good dozen or so that you have been meaning to read since your last birthday, and every day publishers remainder boxes more of those that didn’t even make it that far.

But well… these are mine.

I started writing them at first because I wanted to recapture some of the traditional epic feel that I felt had slowly begun to seep out of the fantasy genre over the last twenty or so years.  And then, when I realized I had yet more stories to tell, I continued on and on and on.

Stack of books
Conspicuously absent from this collection of my first copies of the first volumes of great epic fantasy series is my initial edition of Le Guin’s magnificent A Wizard of Earthsea. That particular volume was so well loved it sadly appears not to have survived into the new millennium.

From the moment I opened the Word doc to begin that first book, I knew full well it had a lot going against it.  The world I’d created was not dark or in any way dystopian; it was not steampunk or flintlock or urban or any other new sub-genre of my own devising.  What it was, was good ol’ fashioned high fantasy epic, my humble effort at a new take on the archetype originally introduced by Tolkien, and later expanded upon by Le Guin, Williams, and others.  And as a result, though it earned a lot of praise, and in at least one case came at least somewhat close to selling… in the end it did not.

And so, this blog, which I began, as so many do, thinking my book would be that shining star, a debut rising to the heavens to join the Dragonriders of Pernthe Belgariad and the Wheel of Time among others, now stands as a testament to my ongoing efforts – and in many ways, a framework I’ve erected as a placeholder for when I do sell my first manuscript.

scary misty forest in black and white for halloween
You know, on second thought, perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

When I do make it to the end of the long, dark road, I’ll add an update to let you all know.  And at that point, I’ll start sharing a whole lot more about the journey to get there, my thoughts on the subject of writing, the publishing industry, and all manner of other topics (including, of course, where you can buy my book).

Until then… it’s back to work.