“Let’s see, need a good beginning.  How about… ‘the times were good, but they were also bad’.  Oh, good gravy, no – that’s horrendous.  ‘The times were great, the times were terrible’?   Nope, nope, not quite it either.  I know I’m on to something with this opening.  It’s right there, on the tip of my tongue…”

This is where, over time, I will share examples of my writing, including both those I hope prospective readers will enjoy and those I hope aspiring writers may find useful.  I’ve restricted myself to those examples I feel qualified to share (currently, my takes on the synopsis and query letter, currently listed below), and will expand as events and editor feedback warrant.

Note:  in order to make these excerpts more legible in the context of this blog, I had to increase the font size significantly; the page numbers of these samples will likely not jibe with those in any other format.