Author’s Comment:

This is the writing sample I referenced in my post discussing the more traditional writing process that majority of authors seem to employ.  As you can see, it is a segment of character description.  Originally, it occurred in section two of The Herald’s Dark Progress (just beyond the first section I’ve included here), but it is not a spoiler for precisely the same reason that I wound up cutting it:  it was too much of a digression from the action.  Though I actually liked the direction this draft was headed from an aesthetic point of view, it took a full page to deliver non-vital information that served no dramatic purpose during a time that a very important plot point was unfolding.  Or, put more bluntly, whatever I may have thought of the quality of the prose, it was bad storytelling – and thus, it had to go.*

*Although, who knows… you may one day see elements of it somewhere else.  I almost always save pieces I like that didn’t make the final cut – either to be used elsewhere in toto, or simply to serve as inspiration for a subsequent passage in the same style or on the same subject.