Author’s Comment:

This is a very early version of the second paragraph of the first chapter of The Herald’s Dark Progress.  Not surprisingly given its location in the text, what you see below makes up a portion of the introductory sequence – written, as you can likely tell, with the intent of drawing readers into the novel by gradually focusing the narrative lens from a much wider view of the the history and geography of the world I’d created down to the exact time and place where the story would begin.*  I share it to provide a typical example of my prose in its earliest stages (though of course even what you see here had been rewritten ten times before I was able to bring myself to move on), so that you may compare it to the end result, and thus hopefully gain a sense of my writing process at work (as discussed in this accompanying post).

*For the record, I originally wrote that sentence as “taking the reader on a journey through time and space” but that sounded so corny I nearly gagged.  See?  Even when writing blog posts I obsess over every word.